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Azrogar is a shaman orc in the WoW universe. His story starts in season two during the mid season break where Figo breaks into different series' of heroes. Though never seen alot with Dagamier, he helps Thrall and assists many citizens in defending Orgrimar.


As Thrall's apprentice, Azrogar learns many spells and truly becomes a shaman in the episode -one with the warchief-. From the start Thrall claims to see something different in 'this orc', and so, he sends Azrogar out on deadly quest that involve entering the spiritual world as well as the lava and deep waters. Though the young shaman lives, Azrogar learns that his journey has just begun.

Around the end of mid season two, Azrogar is shown again, this time as Thrall's protector. In a way his bodyguard, Azrogar looks around for any off, misplaced orcs that don't belong in Orgrimar, eventually after the attack, Azrogar shows his full ability to fight when it is shown that he takes on rows of stacks of mobs. After saving the town, Azrogar is given a medal of bravery.

On season three Azrogar is not shown. It is mysterious but implemented that the shaman might of just left to help the spiritual world, as well as the sick and the poor elsewhere.


-When Thrall claimed Azrogar as "a weak supplement that needs hope", he referred to the typical orc warrior.