Bbgo (often nicknamed Bb for short) is a side character in the WoWFC universe. He plays a small role in season 3 and is often shown fighting for Blood Oceans, though he never recieved much credit as a 'core member'. 

Although Bbgo is rarely shown through out important events, the tauren comes in for 


Final showing of Bbgo during Cataclysm

many brawls that Squashuux and Reapermaster encounter. Known as a nature fighter, the druid helped in the Cataclysm episode "Fight for Hyjal" as well as a couple Blood Ocean tactical events. Bbgo is a short range combat fighter, switiching into his special feral form as quick as possible. Though more often than not, Bbgo speeds into a battle and can typically be shown on the side of a scene not having the edge on his open. Only about two frames in the WoWFC series actually focus 100% on Bbgo. He is therefore mostly shown on the sides of battles.