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Demonic Shared Aurora (also noted as DSA) is a power of chained demonic energy that is transferred from one demon to another. This can be done to increase one's power but may also hurt the demon user just as much.


DSA was first shown to exist during the twisting nether in which many demons would kill off creatures such as felhunters or felguards thus deliberatly increasing small DSA over time. However, foes such as Illidan Stormrage acquired lots of DSA, making him one of the most powerful DSA users in WOWFC.


Powers such as fire,shadow,and dark magi can be aquired through DSA. This has been shown most notably in pre season 2 during The Burning Crusade. Dagamier fights and kills Illidan in his first demon form (claws and wings) which made him a more powerful demon with DSA. DSA is acquired much like a warlock's drain soul, life, or mana.

We also see that DSA can be a weakness. When Putricide used a potion to cancel out Dagamier's DSA he had no power to use against the proffesor. This is the one weakness that very few demon's have the ability to cancel or channel out.

Further NotesEdit

-Just because a creature is labeled as a Demon dosen't mean they have DSA or can acquire it. God's such as Sargares have been shown this, having no DSA can in a way be a good thing, less weaknesses to be found/shown.

-There is currently no known limit as to how much DSA a demon can have.