The second part of the series begins with Kelsisco and Seinso in Goldshire  (the Alliance spread word on their failed attack against Ansem, so Seinso and Kelsisco look off to find the new companion.). The two meet up with a bartender within an Inn to discuss their lookings for a warlock named Dagamier. The bartender by the name of Jerry keeps his voice lows and speaks of the warlock, telling that he comes around here ordering alchohal every now and then, as well as giving a couple beatings to the drunkies that try to tell him off (warlocks has a bad rep around the Alliance, even some in the Horde). The warlock enters the bar and appears upfront to Jerry. With a red hood covering his face, none of his features could be seen, however Kelsisco knew for a fact that it had to be the one called Dagamier. The warlock sticks his index finger up, and immediatly, almost in a scared manner, grabs the most expensive beer and passes it on. The warlock dosen't even notice the two as he sits. When Kelsisco and Seinso come to speak to Dagamier, Seinso tries to explain the situation while Kelsisco simply stays quiet. Dagamier ends up threatening the rouge, and so the two head outside to battle it out.

Seinso: "We could use your help, we've heard of your powerful abilities with the....demons".

Dagamier: "Help you two? The "great heroes who fought in the battle for Stormwind? (WoWFC Movie)"? Why so you guys get me killed off like you did that paladin Joni-"

Kelsisco: "HEY SCREW OFF JERK! Don't bring that up you weren't there he'd off kicked your arse anyday!

Dagamier: "....but could you?"

  • Both stare each other down as Dagamier pulls off his hood and the two head outside, Seinso rushing to them*

The battle begins with Kelsisco's anger of his friends death still within him, he dashed at the warlock only to be hit by a spell known as Fear, which entraps Dagamier's torturing thoughts and distills them into Kelsisco's brain. Inside, the rouges thoughts tell him he's being stabbed for 12 years on a locked cross. In reality however, he's been on the floor of Goldshire screaming at the top of his lungs for six seconds, enough for Dagamier to fire a shadowbolt to hit Kelsisco and awaken him from the fear. As Dagamier dashes towards the rouge, staff in hand, Seinso blocks the strike and holds Kelsisco down. An angry Seinso explains that this is unnecesarry and immature work on both there parts, unity must come from each other. And after a while the two reluctantly agree. Thus the new journey truely begins, the start for Dagamier.