The trio heads off to Marshal Dunham's office in the newly renovated Stormwind (still cleaning up and repairing after the battle in the WoWFC movie). Dunham tells the adventurers to head off into the Redridge Mountains. The red deep mountains have a town where rumor of a tourney may take place. The marshal also warns the three to becareful, as Orcs have been known to ambush people along the way to this zone. The blackrock orcs easily outnumber people, and take the best of them. Before departuring, Dunham has a quick word with Seinso. The warrior tells Seinso to take caution with the warlock, "He's been nothing but bad news as most warlocks are, tread carefully and if he does anything slick you know what to do....just watch out". With this the three head off to Redridge.

After an hour of walking, the three reach the quarter mile zone to Redridge, as the ground becomes rocky with a red clay like material rather then the usual green grass and tall trees at Elwyn. Kelsisco grows tired of the walking and complains aloud of this hurrendous journey. Dagamier silences him, and Seinso warns them that he hears noises. This silencing angers Kelsisco, and he begins to yell toward the warlock, cursing him out and complaining that the duel meant nothing, as did his reputation as a warlock. Before Seinso can silence the rouge, he's interupted by a huge axe spinning his way. Thanks to quick hunter reflexes, Seinso dodges it, and the trio gets into a triangle covering formation. Weapons ready, they anazlyze the situation, eight blackrock orcs. With Kelsisco's charge the battle begins, the group uses hack-and-slash technique to fight off the orcs at a distance while blocking the attacks and every now and then coming up close for a quick slash. Here we see Dagamier's powerful spells such as Searing Pain, Shadowbolt, and the powerful Rain of Fire. Kelsisco also shows off a powerful backstab, while Seinso focuses on shooting at a distance.

After a while, the group notices that the orc numbers aren't getting any smaller, in fact, they get bigger. The group reformats into triangle position, and Dagamier quickly explains that the orcs are coming from the mountains, that they must have a base not too far from here, and that there's no way they can take them all as they keep coming in squads. The orcs then rush towards the trio.