The town of Lakeshire is shown to have a broken bridge been built across a huge lake, while there are shops and small homes that the noble humans share. Workers are busy in shops, fishing, or working as mechanics. Past Lakeshire towards the mountains about twelve miles out however, leads the blackrock orcs headquarters encampent, where they ambush any intruder nearby.

When Dagamier appears from the portal, Seinso and Kelsisco recognize his clothes are much more ripped and trashed than they were before, he has lots of cuts and seems weak at the moment. When Seinso asks what happened, Dagamier replies that he was ambushed before entering but got away- nothing more. Kelsisco comes to terms that Dagamier must be trying to find good in himself, and wants to help the Alliance for the same reason as he, thus the anger fades and the rouge forgets early encounters. Seinso tells the group that the man they're looking for is Denmar, a smite warrior whom's arms are bigger then the hunters gun. This Denmar is the one the group needs to talk to to get into the Tourney as well as hear the details. Dagamier agrees, but heads off on his own. As the two stand confused, Seinso agrees with Dagamier, and heads off to find clues solo. After some scenes of investigation, Kelsisco finds Denmar, who shows Kelsisco that the Tourney is an underground fight created by the Defias Brotherhood- an evil group of bandits who have caused trouble among the Humans in Elwynn Forest. Denmar tells Kelsisco in a very quiet, cautious manner, that very few are aloud to participate in this test of strength. As Denmar slowly closes in on Kelsisco, he explains that once you find out about the Tourney, you have to audition, and either make it, or DIE!

Immediately Denmar draws his massive axel sword and takes a slash at Kelsisco. The rouge flips backwards and sends a kick towards Denmar. The massive man in return grabs the rouges leg and throws him into wooden crates. Stunned, Kelsisco recieves a few punches to the face, but his practice from ironforge (see character bio for more info) makes the pain ease up, and Kelsisco follows back stabbing Denmar with a dagger in the back (it's important to note that Kelsisco carries two main wielded daggers, as well as smaller scaled dagger in his twin pouches). The strong Denmar feels little pain however and after removing the dagger,smashes Kelsisco's face into a door. As Kelsisco hurries to get up, he trips on the same dagger that he stabbed Denmar with, back to the floor. Denmar throws Kelsisco into the famous lake and hurries towards the rouge.