As Kelsisco rises from the water, he sees Denmar charging towards him. The big fellow attacks with a whirlwind powered strike, Kelsisco is stunned and blown out of the water. When he gets back up, the rouge tries to find an opening, even throwing a smokebomb. This trick dosen't work however, and his small daggers have no chance of creating a gap through the giant axel sword. As Kelsisco prepares for the next blow, Denmar is hit by a shadowbolt- made from the one and only Dagamier.

Dagamier: "I thought a weak rouge such as yourself could use some help"

Kelsisco: >:) "Let's do this"

The two charge towards the strong man, daggers and staff in hand. As the two strike Denmar, he feels little pain from the staff bash, and kicks Kelsisco in the chest before the rouge has a chance to hit. Dagamier creates space using incineration which does nothing as Denmar's whirlwind puts water on his sword. Dagamier outsmarts the warrior by shadowfurying (a power stun bolt to the ground) the man, and then stabbing Denmar through the shoulder. Kelsisco finishes the job with two stabs to the quadriceps, making Denmar a boulder on the floor. As Denmar bleeds, he tells the two that they are in the Tourney now, and should head on over to Gurabashi Arena within a week. Before the two can say anything, Denmar passes out. The crowd congratulate the heroes in stopping what turned out to be an Ansem clone- a Quigley Elite.

Dagamier explains to Seinso what happened, and the hunter is both impressed and worried. Seinso explains to Dagamier that Ansem must have known they would enter the Tourney, and sent an elite cloned to look human around Lakeshire. Things don't look good for the heroes, but they travel back to Stormwind and give the news to Marshal Dunham nevertheless.