The next episode starts a new season for Part II of the WoWFC. 

The episode starts with Kelsisco training in the forest, not much success. Theft comes to visit, and after a few words of wisdom to the preparing rouge, we're sent off a month later, into the semi-finals of the great Great Tourney. After a brief introduction of the following finalist fighting for fantastic full-on fights, the judges announce that one is missing from the ballad- Kelsisco. The rouge is no where to be seen, however the judges decide to keep him on the list until he is called to fight. The next scene shows bets being placed underground, many people coining in for Garruk, Antha, and some even for Theft. Many votes go towards Dagamier as well. The only person to recieve no bids is Kelsisco, the audience feels he won't even show up and merely laugh. With that scene, the judges announce the first match to begin. We see a faceup of all the finalist (except Kelsisco) and then the first match is announced- Theft vs Antha!