The very first issue of WoWFC! The story starts off explaining how the world came to be, with humans and orcs coming toghether. At first the mighty green goblins and the noble humane figures got along well, and more races came. With more races came the lust for power, and destruction along with it, thus the World of Warcraft FC was born!

After the intro, the story introduces Jonith, the seemingly young and possible main protagonist of the story line, Jonith is a paladin in training. After meeting a guard general of northshire; Marshal Dunghan gives Jonith his quest; to defeat the Devihse Brotherhood's captain- Andrahs. When Jonith attacks the group later, we are introduced to his claw blade which is sheathed from a wristband covered on his arm. Being a paladin in training, Jonith struggles however masters the group. After a tough fight with Andrahs, Jonith succeeds in stopping the Brotherhood's evil deeds, and after reporting to Marshal, Jonith recieves the great Knight Commisioners blade. He is then given a greater mission; to leave the shire and save the land from the wrathful creatures that await in Elwynn Forest!

WoWmmofakechamps Rating: 94%

"A great way to start the series, really keeps up with other shows, Invader Zim's got nothing on this! The show introduces us a brave character with some interesting concepts along the way". -Ash Whenthworth, 2004.