*Instantly follows Ep 21 where Kelsisco and Garruk are fighting*

After being hit from the spear, Kelsisco rips it off and instantly charges towards Garruk, releasing his daggers and attacking Garruk. Thanks to his sand particles within his body, Garruk is able to move at a very impressive speed, dodging out many of Kelsisco's hack-and-slash blows. Garruk attempts to send a sand spear to Kelsisco in which the rouge dodges it and sends a swift kick towards Garruk, followed by a quick block in which Garruk grabs Kelsisco's leg and throws him in the air. Kelsisco, now spinning in the air, blocks more spears and realizes Garruk is working his full potential. The sandman prepares and launches a massive sand demon which bursts towards Kelsisco (still in mid-air). Having no choice, Kelsisco summons another Chidorn and blows the demon to what it is- sand. Kelsisco stands but breathes heavily and tired.

"Of course you're tired. My sand demon summon may have costed me a large dose of mana, but the chidorn is such a powerful spell that using anything past three has never been possible, and your limit is two. I knew that if I could get you to use it again you would tire out." -Garruk

Garruk summons a sand spear which is followed by a speedy charge towards Kelsisco. The rouge manages to grab his daggers and block the first blow. Unfortunately Kelsisco is exhausted and doesn't dodge the smack to the face, followed by a kick to the spleen. Kelsisco manages to block and strike at Garruk but sees no edge and totally wasted all his energy, never expecting that he'd have to hastily waste his second (and final) chidorn strike. Kelsisco uses whatever energy is left and strikes both daggers with a powerful blow- he manages to break the sand spear in half! Furious, Garruk slams one half towards Kelsisco's back, and sends another smack to the face- sending the rouge to the floor. The audience is quiet, no one knows what to say as this has become one of the most exciting matches all day. Dagamier and the others are shocked and worried for their rouge. As Garruk walks towards the fallen rouge, determined to end him, Kelsisco slowly stands...fighting the urge to lay there defeated.

"No....I won't fall....not like the!"

Before Garruk can reach the rouge, blocks of shadows enter the area, and hundreds of undead guards enter at random, slaughtering some of the audience. In no time at all the crowd is yelling at the top of their lungs. Some have died. Others immediatly defended themselves. Dagamier, Plauger and Bobaganush take down the four undead that charged at them. Before the warlock can plan ahead, everyone freezes. For some reason, the undead have stopped attacking and are frozen. The crowd looks towards the center where a confused Kelsisco and Garruk stand, and a new shadow enters- ANSEM!