The crowd is horrified to see who is responsible for this attack, specifically our heroes who are all simply stunned. Before Ansem has a chance to speak his mind, Kelsisco charges towards him with both daggers in hand.


Ansem easily stops Kelsisco (sort of like the force in Star Wars) and throws him towards a wall. To which he then replies to the rouge, "Jonith attacked me first". The blow instantly knocks the rouge out. Ansem creates a huge barrier inside the enormous building holding the audience. He then announces to the people what he has to say:

"People of the Gurrabashi Tournament! I know you're all wondering why I'm here, what I learned from the Lich-King, and what I have planned for the future! I would like to say that this is what's responsible!" -Ansem

Ansem them brings out a bag in which he takes out an item that brings shock, horror, agony, and pain to the audience that shouts in disgust- the head of the fallen paladin- Jonith. The head is pale, dried black blood drawn out on the face, and a look of pain...Jonith's last moments before death (see Ep:9). Ansem then continues his speech:

"You all wish to spy on the Lich King's plans? You want to know what he's up to? Then come! Come take me on! and prepares youselves for PAIN, ANGUISH AND AGONY LIKE THIS PALADIN RECIEVED! -Ansem

With a snap of his fingers, the LK's apprentice releases the shield and immediately the undead continue their bloody assault of the audience. 

"Benzo! Stay here and defend the people, Plauger you're with me!" -Dagamier

As the warlock leaps down towards the arena, he sees the good dozens of guards, warriors, and fighters from the tourney trying to take down Ansem. The apprentice simply walks past most and uses little movement to slit their throats. Dagamier gets to Kelsisco and Garruk. He gets Plauger to attempt to heal Kelsisco to top health. Meanwhile Garruk gives Dagamier a look of disgust and tells him that were it not for Ansem, he would of killed Kelsisco. The two agree however at this time to work together to take down Ansem. Garruk asks what the warlock would recommend they do. Before Dagamier can decide, one of the judges from the tournament appear explaining that the Stormwind Armory is sending as many troops as they can but it will take a while. One of the wounding warriors comes to the crowd and explains that he saw Ansem and his undead guards headed towards Booty Bay. Seeing as there isn't much of an option, the warlock makes his move.

"Then it's decided. Plauger you focus on getting Kelsisco back to shape. We'll need you two. Because me and Garruk are going to Booty Bay. The hunt begins."- Dagamier.