Dagamier and Garruk sprint as quick as they can along with about a dozen stormwind guards down into the depths of booty bay. While the group is getting there, Garruk explains to Dagamier his story, exactly how the sand powers came to Garruk, and why he fights. Dagamier respected why Garruk fights, however the way he does is very dangerous. 

The group runs into more undead guards that lead them into a full on ambush. Being outnumered, Dagamier and Garruk engage the enemies with full force. Although the undead are being brought down, more merely take their place, while many of the ones brought down simply recover. 

After a couple minutes of fighting, the stormwind guards have been dropped down to three left. Dagmier and Garruk see little hope in defeating the undead, yet in a somehow lucky moment, Ansem appears and freezes the undead.

"Impressive no? These sleigh dogs of the Lich King can easily be manipulated. They can't be destroyed by regular magic. But perhaps the two of you can? LET US FIND OUT!" -Ansem before charging at the two.

Ansem speeds towards Dagamier with a spear, to which one of the stormwind guards leaps in front and takes a straight stab through the throat. Garruk attempts to shoot sand daggers at Ansem, to which the lich apprentice merely deflects them back to Garruk. As Dagamier charges up a soul fire, the two stormwind guards charge towards Ansem. The lich apprentice cracks ones head, and smashes the other. A split second later, Ansem flips over the fast soul fire that shoots from Dagamier. Impressed, Ansem speaks up;

"So you're Dagamier! The warlock i've heard so much about! The plan worked, I've lured you in! The plan was given to me by Illidan and his demonic forces in outland with permission from Arthas! To seek out the warlock demigod!"

Dagamier calls out that he is no demigod and lashes out at Ansem with a shadow bolt to which Ansem absorbs, followed by a grab at Dagamiers staff, and a kick to the face. While this happens, Ansem grabs the hidden Garruk attempting to attack from behind, and slams him to the floor. Before either can get up, Dagamier is thrown onto Garruk. Ansem then walks towards the two with a spear in hand.