The scene begins with Theft reading off news of the outlands. Already the first five squadrons have been sent inside the dark portal to defend off the demons of hellfire peninsula. Theft states that there's already been at least a thousand casualties, and the numbers are increasing by the minute. Theft then leaves his tent to scan the area outside; another thousand soldiers are setting up to enter the dark portal, while thousands of others receive orders. Theft spots Benzo who is looking a lot better since the Gurrubashi tournament (they fought each other and Benzo was beaten). After some small talk, Benzo is told by a dwarf superior that the warrior is to line up with squadron 17. Theft couldn't believe it. Only five squadrons were sent so far, another three were supposed to be heading off, how could they have reached number 17 already? Theft realizes just how powerful these demons must be if they are crushing squadrons this quick. The thought of how strong Illidan must be makes Theft quiver in fear. He tries to brush it off, but is met by an angry orc. The pissed off greenskin claims that Theft had went through his tent and stolen supplies. Seeing that there was no way he would be able to convince the orc otherwise, he accepts the orcs challenge. The orc, now red hot charges towards Theft. A crowd now watches, excited to see some entertainment before possibly meeting death, they begin placing bets on who will win.

Theft isn't looking to make this worse than it already is, the night elf easily dodges another swing from the orcs mighty axe, and pushes the monster away. As Theft prepares for another easy dodge, a blood elf spits right on him, giving the orc enough time to kick the night elf down to the floor. A few horde races laugh at the action, however before the orc can swing Theft down, Bolivar steps in and demands the fighting to stop immediatly. The alliance races immediatly back off from cheering and laughing, and bow to respect the stormwing king. Most of the horde races growl and stare at the alliance leader, hoping he will attempt to stop them. The mighty Thrall, leader of the orcs steps in and shames the horde for not showing upmost respect to the alliance leader. The horde members kneel in shame as Bolivar approaches Thrall in an angry manner. Bolivar tells Thrall to control his filthy people which Thrall doesn't take well. The orc faces Bolivar by a mere inch and tells the human to focus on the real danger right now, the real confrontation. Theft left the scene a long time ago, he dosen't wish to catch anymore attention with the leaders of races. Before he has a chance to see when Benzo is to head off, he is told by a night elf superior that his squadron is heading out in ten minutes.