Jonith heads out to the Elwynn Forest and finds a hunter getting ambushed. Determined to help the possible allie, Jonith attempts to join the fray, but to his dismay, the hunter easily takes down all five orcs. Thinking that Jonith is a foe, the hunter attacks his unknown paladin fiend. After a few minutes of intense throwdowns, the hunter sees that Jonith is no threat, and introduces himself as Vincent. He's headed off to Goldshire as Jonith is, so the two head off both with the same quest; to hunt down any hordish threats.

Wowfakemmochamps rating: 92%

"Here we see an epic fight between two characters that are bound to be well known. Jonith seems to struggle against a hunter! AND MAN DO I LOVE IT! The story seems to get more epic along the way".- Ezick Bert 2003