SI7 had no problems taking down the first few sets of orcs within Hellfire Ramparts. Quickly and silently, the six team members used their power to quietly take out the scouts and basic warriors. As they made their way into the Ramparts, Kelsisco began to wonder if the rest of the group was really on board with this decision. He didn't fear for his life as much as he did his title. He had just gotten into SI7, but perhaps he could persuade some of the other members that this wasn't the best plan.

"Have we considered perhaps looking around other area of the citadel? Perhaps splitting up in groups would be the best decision we could make" Kelsisco told the group. Hal who was already threatening the rouge, was impressed by his choice of words. He pondered which groups would run into the wrong areas of the citadel. There was no question in Hal's mind that some of the group members weren't going to make it out alive. That some of the areas in Hellfire Citadel would lead to armies of orcs. Then there was still the matter of the mysterious figure that ran towards the citadel. What would happen if he made his way into the citadel and one of the other groups ran into him? "We're staying together" Hal stated. "Any problems with that can be taken up to me". After the snide remark, the group continued to make their way into the ramparts. Kelsisco realized that Hal wasn't going to take any chances with him sneaking off with another group member.

The group reached Ramparts Watch, the first wing of the Ramparts. They watched from a distance the group of red orcs packing and shipping many war items for the constant onslaught. Led by one golden armored orc- Watchkeeper Gargolmar. The orc shouted orders left and right to the lesser soldiers, and maintained a face of anger and hate. SI7 wasn't supposed to deal with huge fights, or even a group this massive. Hal had led them straight into a wrong area of the ramparts, and now there were too many soldiers gathering around their hiding area- there was no turning back. Hal knew that the group already realized his mistake. As he went off on a tangent about how this was the groups fault, Kelsisco considered their options: there was six of them, two rouges (him and Fron), a warlock and mage (Shriek and Jena), and then Broden and Hal, two swordsmen. There really wasn't a way to win this fight without casualties. Kelsisco knew that the group was prepared to die, it's what they signed up for by joining such a dangerous elite organization. But if he could persuade just one other group member in the middle of the fight....then just maybe....

Hal led the charge straight into a huge group of orcs. His dual swords stabbed into fresh flesh like a butter knife going into soft bread. As he tackled on many orcs, Kelsisco couldn't help but be impressed and afraid of the duelists skill. As the rest of the group tagged on, Gargolmar suddenly noticed the attack. The orc smiled- he would finally have bodies to prove his worthiness to Omor the Unscarred. The groups began to charge at SI7 in dozens of packs, as Gargolmar slowly made his way towards the fight.


Dagamier finished cleaning off the blood from his staff. Keli'dan the Breaker had quite a large skull for being such an average dark orc. The orc was the leader of the Shattered Halls, a different section of the Hellfire Peninsula. Dagamier had no problems taking down the final foe, and he was now one step closer to catching up to Kelsisco and the others. "All this trouble for one night elf" he thought to himself, "I need to do whatever I can to get to Illidan". Even the few hours that Dagamier had spent easily killing off the orcs of The Shattered Halls, he could hear the shouts of thousands of demons, as well as Illidan crying out a challenge shout. The more he fought against warlocks, dark orcs, and the many demons of Outland, the louder the shouts became. He feared that soon he would not be able to contain his insanity, and so he hurried into the second entrance of Hellfire Ramparts.


Fron shrieked at the pain going through his stomach. Gargolmar stabbed through the rouges body like a steak knife going through crusty old bread, hacking and slashing all the way to the back of his body. The bloody mess made Kelsisco go pale. The group was against a wall, dozens of orcs surrounding them with weapons, and laughter. Gargolmar finished cleaning his blade with Fron's blood, and made his way to the rest of SI7, "I must hand it to you guys" Gargolmar began, "to defeat this many soldiered orcs is quite an impressive feat for such a weak group. You took down about a hundred of my men, lucky for me I have another hundred right here!" He laughed while the room filled up with the laughter of a hundred more orcs. "However" Gargolmar continued (and the entire room instantly fell silent again), "you Azeroth scum dare defile Lord Illidans plans to conquer your world, and have balls to come in this far and attempt to bring down an important cargo shipment. I will see to it that the rest of your bodies meet an end as horrid as your dead rouge friend".

As the orc began walking towards Hal, the duelist feared for his life, ready to face death in this final battle. However it wasn't so, as Kelsisco released a dagger straight into Gargolmar's shoulder. As the orcs shrieked and the rest of the orcs charged towards them, Jena released an immense blizzard, not strong enough to harm the orcs, but blind them. The few that could see were easily taken up by Fear thanks to Shrieks warlock powers. As the group made their escape, Broden stood at the back, body guarding the group from any possible attacks. Kelsisco applauded Jena. The mage spoke to him through mindspeak, a rare trait for mages to aquire. Kelsisco managed to give orders to her, Shriek, and Broden. He purposefully left Hal out of it, hoping the rest of the group would see him as a more trustworthy leader.

When they finally reached a safe area further within the Ramparts, Kelsisco had no time speak, as Hal smacked the rouge in the face with a hard punch, and tackled him down to the ground. The rest of the group was taken aback, and Broden had them stay the distance. "They are fighting for leadership" Broden stated, "Kelsisco didn't follow orders and left Hal completely out of the plan. Let them have this moment". Jena and Shriek didn't agree with this at all, but had to comply as no one wanted to get in Hal's way. Kelsisco had no way to fight back, as each second was another punch to his skull, Hal continued to yell and send blows left and right. After a while, the duelist stood up and began to yell at the rouge. He blamed Kelsisco for the death of Fron, and would have him sent back to SI7 HQ for immediate departure. Kelsisco stood up angry. He stated that it was Hal who charged into the orc group and therefore caused the death of Fron. He called Hal a liar, cheater, and traitor of the SI7. He spoke of his plan that even saved them shortly after Fron was killed, and that Hal didn't deserve the ranking of "leader". Hal asked the group to keep moving forward. He would meet with them shortly. The group was hesitant, but went on. Kelsisco could not believe that his plan had failed, the group would not stick up for the rouge even after saving their lives. He was already in pain, and he knew he could not come close to killing Hal.

As Kelsisco looked forward to fight his foe, Hal send a blow to his stomach. Then his ribs, then continued to attack his kidneys. "Killing you with my weapons isn't worth it" Hal stated as he continued to send blows into the rouge, "I'm gonna leave you here to die by the orcs!". A snap in the ribs, then a cough of blood, Kelsisco tried to mitigate the blows as much as possible, he rolls over attempting to escape, but the duelist was far a better fighter than the night elf could imagine. Hal send a punch into Kelsiscos mouth, hard enough to knock out two back teeth. Kelsisco could only see blood as his final moments are met with a hard stomp to the back of the head. He hits the floor and all goes black. Hal, now breathing heavily looks at his hands. The cuts from clinging onto Kelsiscos daggers caused his hands to bleed heavily. He brushed it off and made his way towards the rest of the group. Him and the other three would take on Omor on their own, and dominate the Citadel. The credit, would be his.