Omor sat at his throne, pondering impatiently at what the orc scouts entering the room would have to tell him. The houndmaster had spent his day ensuring the rampart section of Hellfire Citadel would successfully send in the shipments to the working orcs fighting against Azeroth. Instead, the orcs now entering the room babbled on about how intruders had damaged the shipments and managed to escape Gargolmar. As the warrior Gargolmar entered the room, Omor noticed his shoulder had wraps around it. To see one of Omor's very own knights looking made Omor burn in anger. He slowly stood up, walked towards the scouts, and with a quick swipe, slashed open their stomachs. The two scouts didn't even have a chance to scream. As the blood sprayed the room in gallons, he made his way to Gargolmar. "Tell me Gargolmar" Omor began, "who are these brave heroes that had the audacity to intrude our plans?". The wounded warrior looked down at the Lord's knees. He dare not even look into the fearsome eyes of the Unscarred. "They.....they were quick to attack us" Gargolmar began, "We were quick to lock them down! They escaped the little runts but...but I killed one of them! A beautiful site! My lord you would have been happy to see it I-". Before the confident lieutenant could finish his sentence, Omor raised the Orc up high, gripping tightly onto his neck. Omor was not having any of this, "I put you in charge so that the ramparts would never have problems like this. The Shattered Halls were also breached, and if Keli'dan hadn't been brutally murdered I would have already ripped his own head off!!!", Omor then threw Gargolmar against a wall. "I will wait patiently for the Azeroth heroes. I know they are coming for control of the Citadel. And when they do, I want you here with me.


Dagamier continued following the path of dead orcs. As he started through the Ramparts, it was easy to find a trail that SI7 had left. "They sure did a poor job of hiding evidence" Dagamier though. He made his way to a shipping area, and found himself with quite a sight to see. Above the cargo shipments hung Kelsisco; bruised and battered, but alive. Dagamier couldn't find anyway across the Orcs. He would need to put his powers to the test. With a quick summoning circle, Dagamier sent an Eye of Kilrogg. The eye made its way to Kelsisco. The wounded rouge saw it, and almost dismissed it as an illusion. After realizing that the only warlock that would care to save him was somewhere close, the night elf started planning for a way to draw away the orcs. Dagamier thankfully was one step closer. Using fear to control one of the orcs, the grunt made its way towards the rest of the groups. The feared orc took a swing at the group guarding Kelsisco, which caused the angry bunch to chase after him. "Thankfully the hundreds of Orcs that were present during our brawl are probably busy getting scolded by Omor." Kelsisco started as Dagamier set the rouge free. "But how did you find me? And have you ran into the others?". Dagamier had no time to throttle about these questions. "We'll trade conversation along the way. Next we find Omor, and bring the war to him."


Broden took another swing at Gargolmar. The wounded warrior still couldn't land a well placed axe swing at the orc. The captain of the Rampart defense began to taunt the dwarf, causing Broden to further take on useless swings at his target. To the opposite side of the throne room, Omor flew above the remaining SI7 members. Jena and Shriek were force pushed against a wall, while Hal stood in fear against the creature. "I would not have thought that you four would be brave enough to face me" Omor began, "however, I'm sure none of you thought I wouldn't bring an army of my own!", with that, Omor signaled an alarm, this led to hundred of Orcs to enter the room. Hal turned to face the orcs, but was immediately struck from behind by an aerial Omor. This allowed Shriek and Jena to free themselves from the force push, and further assist Hal. The fight was going nowhere, and very soon, SI7 would be no more.

Before Hal had a chance to strike at the orcs, an enormous wave of shadowbolt overcame the room. Many orcs were disintegrated, while others where pulled into a blotch of shadow from the floor- the blotch dragged them under, and would slowly teleport them to Argus- a terrifying demon world that made Outland look like a mere infant of danger. Enter Dagamier and Kelsisco.

Without a word, Kelsisco ran towards Gargolmar. Daggers unsheathed, he began his assault. Gargolmar was swung at, and the rouge's dagger was a mere inch away from slashing the orcs ear off. "Kelsisco! I can't imagine the apology we owe you...." the dwarf began. "I don't want your apology, I want this orc dead!" Kelsisco replied. Jena assisted Hal in taking down the remaining orcs, while Dagamier made his way to assist Shriek. The female gnome was using her shadowflames all around Omor, but with no such luck. The flames were easily evaporated as the Unscarred charged up a demonbolt and shot it towards Shriek. The gnome retaliated with a wave of soulfire, but the channels were fighting against each other, and Omor easily had the upper hand. Dagamier lashed at Omor with his staff. Omor managed to grab hold of Dagamiers staff, and rip it apart with one hand ("SUCH STRENGTH" a wide eyed Dagamier thought). While still channeling the demon bolt against Shriek, Omor lets loose an ultimate shot that rips through the gnomes fire, and makes its way through her back. Omor elbows Dagamier hard in the stomach, and charges toward Shriek. The gnome, still trying to fight the pain, is grabbed by the neck and feels a horrible squeezing pain. As Omor continues to squeeze, Shriek shriekefully shrieks a shriek of shrieking pain. The sound is heard all around the battlefield- Broden curses in disbelief, while Hal yells in anger. As the gnome falls to her death, Omor summons three deadly hounds (As per his class "houndmaster") towards Dagamier. Hal charges towards the demonlord with his two dual swords ablazing. Omor grabs hold of a spear nearby and enters deadly combat.

Gargolmar shrieked from a stab to his already injured shoulder. As the orc took a punch to the rouge, Kelsisco himself shrieked. Everyone was shrieking except for shriek. The orc disregarded the pain and continued to fight hard. The pain berserked him, and the orc charged towards Broden. The dwarf was overcome with such fatigue, that the force of the charge sent him down hard. Kelsisco took a stab at Gargolmar, however the dagger finding Gargolmar's bloody knee wasn't enough, and the orc took Kelsisco down as well. Before Kelsisco had a chance to back up, Gargolmar took a slash at Kelsiscos leg, and cut deep into his knee tendons. The rouge shouted in pain, and fell hard towards the floor. The pain and injury caused disabled legs for the rouge, and Kelsisco found himself unable to get up or even move. Gargolmar smacked Broden against the floor, knocking him unconcious for the moment. As the bleeding shoulder'n'knee orc made his way to Kelsisco, he began to taunt the night elf. "You were a fool to come here! I am Lord Omor's truest guard! Perhaps I will pack your head with the cargo upstars! Perhaps I will carve your skull!". Kelsisco looked around, and to his disbelief, everyone was preoccupied at the moment to notice the situation. No help from help from anyone. Finally Kelsisco took up a gamble. It was a risk, but he never let that stop him. Kelsisco began using his inner energy, charging up a Chidorn energy blast. "You know that didn't effect me last time" Galgomar began "What good will it do this time?!" The orc stated as he began to raise his axe and end the night elfs live. Kelsisco grinned,"it's not gonna do you any good...but maybe it will help me bring out some precious cargo!" As Gargolmar looked down towards the rouge in confusion, Kelsisco released a power energry wave against the wall which traveled into the roof above him. The top compartment shattered, and dozens of heavy cargo shipments found their way crashing down. Kelsisco had anticipated this, and rolled a safe distance, while an unaware Gargolmar, met himself with bloody death. The boxes shattered his bones, and left the floor below him a bloody mess. Kelsisco then dragged himself over to Broden in an attempt to awake the dwarf.

Hal continued to swing his swords at the houndmaster. The anger and pure frustration inside him continued to grow. First he lost Frod, and then Shriek. And it wasn't his fault! It was Omor's!!! With an impressive leap, Hal swung his blades in the air and slashed Omor's spear in half. As Hal went in for a double sword stab, Omor grabbed the duelist's wrists and kneed him in the stomach. Omor elbowed him in the face, ripped a sword from his hand, and broke it in half. "I've had enough dabbling from you! Your life ends now!" Omor grabbed the sword and slashed into the duelists neck. Luckily the wound didn't cut into vein, and so an injured Hal fell to the floor screaming in pain.

As Dagamier and Jena finish off the final orc, they turn to see Hal in pain. Jena attempts to run towards Hal, hoping, praying that she can save him. She would give her life to save the one she loves. She could not bare another member of her group to die, not him! As she sees Omor charge toward Hal with his horns headed straight towards Hal's body, she realizes that this is the end for him. She couldn't save him now. She closes her eyes and waits for the blow.



For a split second. Jena was safe. She was away from all the years of violence. From the years of bonding with SI7, from the friends and lover she had made while going out on missions for the alliance. From all of it. With her closed eyes, she saw merely complete darkness. She felt secure, warm, fine. Sadly her time in purgatory was up. And it was time to check back into the real world.

She opens her eyes to see the result. And immediately wishes she never had.

It is a gory sight. Omor's reins charge into a pure body. The horns suckle the depths of flesh, and fresh blood makes it way out of the body. Kelsisco can't believe the sight, even Dagamier is taken aback by the result, and finally Hal gets a look at the horrid result. Broden stands tall. As tall a warrior ever has. The dwarf had no regrets in his decision. He knew that Hal's choices over the recent years had not been the right ones. He wishes he had challenged the duelist for leadership years ago. But he never did. He regrets that decision, but not this one. The dwarf would give his life to defend his best friends. And that he did. Omor released his horns from Broden's body, and the dwarf fell hard to the floor. As Hal looked at his best friend's final moments, he asked one question "why?". Broden looked first at Shriek's pale body, then Jena, and finally Hal as he replied his final words, "if all you do is fight... for your own life...then your life is.....insignificant".

Hal began to scream. His soldiers were dead. It was all his fault. He managed to make it this far believing that anyone else had caused his pain. But it was him. And now he needed to pay his debt. As he stood up and looked around him, he saw Jena in tears, Dagamier tending to Kelsisco, and Omor awaiting his next move. Hal realized that the warlock cared nothing about his people. He only seemed to notice Kelsisco. But why would he care about SI7? They have never done anything for him. Perhaps it was time to care a little more about others. "Warlock" Hal began, "this mission was supposed to be finished hours ago. By now I'm sure hundreds of stormwind soldiers are awaiting outside the citadel for our completed mission. Take your rouge, he needs to be treated now or he'll never walk again. I ask that Jena goes with you". Jena begins to scream in opposition, but Hal dosen't hear it. He dosen't even give Dagamier time to reply. The duelist slowly walks his way towards Omor. He carries a dead orcs sword, and his one other sword. A sword his father gave him when he was merely a boy. It was now going to fufill it's duties. Dagamier couldn't help but be impressed by the humans noblility. He was going to fight Omor in a deathmatch. Dagamier could care less of the SI7 deaths today. But he needed Kelsisco to fight another day. And so the warlock summoned two voidwalkers to force Jena outside the citadel, as the warlock carried an unconscious Kelsisco. He had already taken all the information he needed from Omor's demonic mind. He already knew that to get to Illidan- he would need to make his way to Shadowmoon Valley.

As Dagamier shut the main doors of the throne room, he heard a loud human shout, as well as painful stabs.