The episode begins with Theft and Dunedis making their way into the Hall of Valor within Nagrand. The two had spent the past days battling their way into Hellfire Peninsula and into Nagrand. Thanks to the victory on Hellfire Peninsula (see last episode) the Alliance were able to secure a way into the Outlands and push forward into the great unknown. Dunedis reveals to his night elf friend that he believes there is still an enourmous feud going on with the two factions. The fact that SI:7 set up the attack on Hellfire means that they were looking to push forward without the horde.

"I fear for both sides. And because of this, we have to be on guard against any horde" -Dunedis (on horseback).

The episode involves more conversation between the alliance station in Nagrand. After a few moments of non important dialogue, Theft walks out for a breath of air. The war troubles him. Theft fears for both himself as well as the rest of his allies. Plauger's death hit him hard. He had a soft spot for the paladin, but time did not allow the two any moment. He continued to think about those he knew, Benzo, Jana, Kelsisco...Dagamier. Word had gone out that the two were in the attack that led to the battle on Hellfire being a success, but what was a warlock doing with SI:7? Unless he wasn't supposed to be there....Theft realized at that moment that Dagamier wasn't here for the alliance...he was in outlands for his own personal gain. What could that be? He had no idea (we know it's for demonic strength and answers), but the thought angered the hunter. The fact that there was a war going on, and Dagamier merely pawned off of his allies.

Theft realized that he had moved far from the encampment, and night had slowly fallen while he spent the hours thinking. As he looked for the way back, he noticed five figures in the distance. He couldn't make them out until they were too close, it was four ogre's and a goblin on horseback! Theft knew the dangers already discovered from earlier troops in Nagrand, but the Alliance didn't have the resources to setup a war with more foes! The figures dashed towards Theft, and made their way over. Knowing no way to out run them, Theft begins aiming his arrows. He would need concentration to take them out. Before he gets one shot however, he is shot from the back. The arrow doesn't pierce through, but leaves him dazed. Before he can turn, one of the ogre's on horseback used a blunt weapon to knock him out.