The episode opens by showing off the surrounding area of Shattrath City. After weeks of battle, the Alliance and Horde have agreed to sanction many troops within Terokkar Forest, I silent grassy forest where they could discuss plans to further the assault on Outland. Thanks to the Naru, many soldiers can come into the city to heal up and get treated. The city became a sort of safe haven from the troubles within Outland.

The leaders of azeroth called for a meeting. It was time to strike the Outlands from it's core- Shadowmoon Valley. The few scouts and soldiers sent to occupy the area didn't return. Those that did warned of the land as being darker than hellfire peninsula, with more demons. The only way they would get in, was with an all out assault into the region, which would lead to Shadow Moon Valley.

Bolivar Fordragon sighed deeply. This war was taken a huge toll on both himself and the soldiers he commanded. He thought of King Varian who has been missing for two years now. Fordragon never considered himself a king, and sending people to their deaths was just one of the consequences of ruling by necessity. Fordragon thought back to a few days ago, when he crossed paths with Thrall- the orc leader. Although most orcs strike an iconic deadly pose towards humans, this one was different. He hadn't spoken to Thrall much in the past, rightfully so considering both sides were at war back home. Thrall exclaimed the importance of sticking together now more than ever. The only way to unite the people and defeat Illidan would be working together. "Divided...we fall" Thrall exclaimed at the time. Bolivar never trusted orcs, he wasn't about to put his faith in Thrall, however, at this point in time the Alliance would need all the help they could get including from the Horde.

The meeting began in Shattrath's main quarter, The Terrace of Light. There were thousands of soldiers discussing words of war with each other (all the present soldiers were alliance. The leaders thought it best that the two factions split the meeting so that there would be no fighting amongst factions).