Jonith and Vincent make it to the town of Goldshire. The town is supposedly one of peace, where only two Stormwind soldiers guard the town, ensuring it's piece. This time however, things aren't looking so good for Goldshire, as the two heroes find it under attack by loads of Trolls and Orcs. Jumping into battle, the two heroes meet up with Marshal Sergio, whom tells the heroes they are being outnumbered, and that Stormwind can't be bothered right now. The two are ordered to head off to westfall and continue their journey. Sergio explains that Jonith's true mission is and has always been to discover the Lich King's power and if there's anything stronger. After heading into Westfall, we see a scene that shows the Orcs and Trolls destroying Goldshire and killing Sergio as the marshall allows civilians to escape. 94%

"Very powerful and thrilling story. You can feel the epic swords clash into battle, and the Marshal's death was very unexpected. The story's getting better each issue! But now the real mission begins!" -Chad Mikeny 2003.