Episode 4 takes place 4 months after 3. Jonith and Vincent have traveled long looking for answers. Their quest has led them to Kalimdor, the southern Barrens. It is night time and the two heroes are analyzing a group of orcs whom set camp and discuss a plan to raid the alliance. Before the two can leave  they are ambushed by a troll who spots Vincent. Before attacking the hunter, Jonith unleashes his powerful comissioner blade and slashes the trolls head. The scream emitted from the troll dying however, alerts the rest of the orcs, along with some army of undead. The heroes fight well but soon fatigued and tired they seem to almost reach their ends. From the sky, an undead with sleek armor comes down on an undead horse. He reveals himself as Ryoko; leader of the undead when Sylvanis isn't around. As he explains the Horde's plan to invade Stormwind, Vincent interupts the leader with a shot of arrows. As more mobs attack and keep Jonith busy, Ryoko and Vincent fight on. The undead carrys two massive swords, each with spikes on one side (resembling a sort of sharp keyblade with more blades). Vincent's sleek shots are as good as the hives that stop bees from coming. After taking down the hunter and knocking him out, Jonith fights the undead leader. Although Jonith's reign of judgement attacks are powerful, Ryoko easily absorbs them and knocks Jonith out cold. Ryoko and his undead leave them for dead.

Wowfakemmochamps rating: 89%

Intense fighting throughout the whole episode. We see a sort of foreshadowing (won't say too much) among a war coming to the alliance. The way Vincent was beat wasn't too great...and Jonith- the hero getting beat down? Come on! Overall however it was a great issue".- Mike Susan 2003