Jonith wakes up to find that the undead really left him for dead! As he remembers what happened for what seems like days ago, the paladin sees a group of tauren headed his way! With Vincent still unconcious (see episode 4), Jonith has little choice but to fight on alone. Vincent recovers and notices Jonith is still wounded badly form the fight with Ryoko, and what he does next changes the WoWFC universe forever. Seeing his friend in trouble, Vincent releases his Darksword. A huge beam of shadow energy easily kills all the tauren, and leaves a distraught Jonith very angry, hurt, and confused. Seeing as Vincent has never taken such a sword out and stuck to bows, Jonith yells that Vincent explain himself. Vincent explains that his father was Morzan, the evil emporer that started the great second war. The blade was passed down to Vincent, however he never expected to use it. Jonith explains to the hunter that the weapon is extremely dangerous and should be drowned into the ocean so none may use it. Vincent agrees and tells Jonith to go on ahead; he wishes to drop the sword in privacy. After a few minutes however, Vincent keeps the blade and hurries on.

Rating: 82% "Lot's of talking. We need less talk, more fight." -Adam Waste