The two heroes head off to Darnassus, assured that the most wise race will give them some sound advice. Along the way there, the two are attacked in the forest by a night elven rouge. Though fast on his feet, the rouge stays on defense and only ponders at why two humans are in Night Elf territory (although both races are part of the Alliance, recently a grounds territory act was passed, suggesting that for sometime the races stay in their own land, due to the recent mass of undead). After explaining themselves, Jonith introduces himself and it's not long until the two make a new companion. The rouge is named Kelsisco and wishes to join them. He explains that the Lich is not the issue, that he is still slumbering in the icy depts on Northrend. Jonith however is sure the current scourge whom constantly attack the humans have to do with the Lich King. Before the trio leave, Kelsisco notices a sneaky look given by Vincent. After a short argument, Kelsisco lets him know there is a feud between the two.

Mmofakechamps rating: 82% "The story seems to be switching around from its original plot. Kelsisco's appearance was applauded, and a new companion was needed, however the episode was broad and long. The conversation was very intresting and i'm keen to see more". Michael Falarayano 2003