The episode opens up with the Night Elves arriving at Stormwind. Jonith welcomes them and explains that a battle is going to take place; the nightelves are already aware of this( in movie). Realizing the situation, the night elves plann an attack on the horde to free the prisoned Alliance. Although they will be recieving the help of Jonith, the night elves thought the attempt would be unsuccesful. As the alliance prepared for the attack, a rumble causes fear in the Alliance, that fear is removed after ships are visable in the sky. After a small explosion, Jonith and a small party head off to see what the noise was. The Draenei had crash landed, Jonith and the group of night elves headed off to meet them, the Draenei told them that they were enemies of the orcs and so they had a common foe:the orcs; so they joined the Alliance. Given the situation a group of night elves stayed at stormwind. With the help of advanced Draenei technology, they free the rest of the Alliance. The Alliance then rally at a point and a meeting is ushered with serious intonation: they realize the Horde have become stronger than ever and the Alliance have a big challenge ahead of them. Kelsisco saw what looked to be high elves at a camp, one of the Draenei responds that they were blood elfs not a high elf and that they had joined the horde. General Marshall Dunham (takes over as new general for the Alliance as General Hounsting died in the battle for stormwind) steps forward and states that the War has become universal and is no longer a skirmish he says " This is more than Warcraft... this is..... Deathcraft". The scene fades to black.