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WoW FC The MOVIE (Prequel to BC)

The many episodes of WoW comic adventures before cancellation! Figo orignally planned a total of 226-235 more episodes after episode 415, Operation Meltdown. However the low buget and economic meltdown caused the adventures to close out after 5 more episodes, thus the Sargares saga ended the series. Too short my friends. Here some classic comics the episodes and the pictures of each front issue. NOTE! Although the comics may be called "episodes", this is not to be compared to the show. Figo merely named each issue an episode to show abstraction at it's finest. Although the stories are the same, each issue contains typically anywhere from 4-12 show episodes; some even covering one whole season. Each is in order including the special movie that was released as an explanation between 7 and 8 (prelude to burning crusade). Each slash per episode is the rating given by RT and fans.


Enter the World

Ep1:The Beggining of the Journey/////

Ep2:The Smite Hunter////

Ep3:The Town of Goldshire/////

Ep4:The Journey's AMBUSHED!/////

Landscape Demise

Ep5:The Son of Morzan////

Ep6:The Joining Rouge///

Ep7:The Betrayal/////

7.5:Movie: World of Warcraft FC: The MOVIE////

Ep8:The Wrathful Vengence////

Ep9:The End of a Beggining////


Enter the Warlock

Ep10:A Start for Dagamier///

Ep11:The Occord Strike///

Ep12:Rebirth of a Warlock *The first episode to introduce Dagamier's Demon form.*/////

Survival of the Fittest

Ep13:A Safe place?//

Ep14:The Tough Task///

The Tournaments Begin

Ep15:Friendly Confrontation/Tourney: The Great Gurubashi Arena //// 

Ep16:Plaguer VS Knockes///

Ep17:Theft VS Benzo//

Ep18:Kelsisco VS Targik///

Ep19:Resumation Battles///

Ep20:Theft VS Antha/////

Ep21:Kelsisco's change VS Garruk pt.1///

The Ansem Chronicles 

Ep22:Kelsisco's change VS Garruk pt.2///

Ep23: The Hunt Begins/////

Ep24: Supremacy's Demise////

Ep25: Dawn of the Death!/////

Ep26: Dagamier! Unleash the Beast!///

Ep27: Counterstrike///

Ep28: As Time Falls Short Part 1

The Burning Crusade

Ep28: Attack from The Portal Part 2

Ep29: Blasted Lands Confrontation

Ep30: Enter the Dark Portal

Ep31: A New War

Ep32: Scars from the Past

Ep33: The Battle for Hellfire Peninsula

Ep34: Nagrand

Ep35: Slave Pens (Blades Edge Arena)

Ep36: Shattrath Conference

Ep37: Attack on Shadowmoon Valley

Ep38: The Elite Eight

Ep39: United We Die

Ep40: Why Do We Fight?

Ep41: The Answers Lie Above

Ep42: The Illidari Council

Ep43: Bound

Ep44: Stormrage

Ep45: Till the Bitter End

Ep46: Breaking Down

Ep47: Magtheridon

Ep48: Demonic Embrace

Ep49: Shattrath's Battle

Ep50: Return to Black Temple

Ep51: Akama vs Gorefiend

Ep52: Forever Servants

Ep53: Dagamier vs Illidan

Ep54: Two Demons

Ep55: World's Apart