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Squashuux right before the closing scene in "Zijdin empire".

Squashuux (also refered to as Squasher or simple "Squash"), is a protagonists of part three in WoWFC. He is most notably known for being the sidekick of Dagamier as well as the second character of the ending. Acording to, He was voted the 1st for most memorable character


Very little is known about the young Squash throughout his scenes in Part 3. Throughout the series, Squash develops a trust forth his friends Dagamier and Reaper, and stays at their side till the very end. And although allied with Vandril, the two had many near death confrontations which typically ended up in Vandril's favor. Early in the story Squash was married to the half death knight Astralina, who was killed by Deydorath. In the whole third part of the series, Squashuux also shows many skills that become better per episode. Often Squashuux shows courage and trust rather then taking on lust for power or luck on dexterity. Squashuux goes from ordinary hero to true protaganist where in the end, he brings Dagamier back from the dead and saves the world of Azeroth.


There has been many arguments and debates over who is the best mage in WoWFC. And contrasting the readers thoughts, more often than not, Squashuux is in no way involved in the debates. Many reader of WoWFC agree that Squashuux isn't shown enough 'action' time to show off his true skill, while others disagree.

Artist and Novelty Author JG Bartholam claimed in a discussion on Squashuux:

"Dont get me wrong, I applaude the fact that Squash can lead on against so many foes, in fact, I praise it. But the mage is way to young to do any good for Blood Ocean, he couldn't survive against real foes like DW, Argan or FF."

While many could agree this, others believe Squashuux is one of the greatest mages if not, the most powerfulest in the series. Writer for the WoWFC Mike Hullan was furious when people claimed down Squashes Rep

"Awful?! AWFUL?! Get out of here! Squashuux had to of been one of the greatest mages written in the series, if not, THE GREATEST! I don't see any other mages getting out there and saving a Warlocks life from the Demon lord of the universe! It's ignorance! Pure ignorance! And ignorance is bliss that's for sure! Squashuux destroys Mad-Eye-Zul's right arm by freezing it to death causing it to shatter! How can you even say you found a mage able to fend his own against MEZ?"

While many defend this statement, many point at its biased opinion from a writer of the story and so the opinions countinue.