WoWFC Revelations (also known as just 'Revelations' for short) was a semi-auto project involving Brad Jenkins and some of Figo's older concepts to further continue the story of WoWFC. The project was sadly cut after a year of development due to low funds and incomplete/inconsistent story alignment with the WoWFC. Shortly after, the project was wiped completely, and a remastered edition of WoWFC was continued after ep22.

The original concept of Revalations was posted on the main site, October 27th, 2012

"Set in the now revamped world of Azzindoth, two heroes known as Benith and Leonar join forces with the Drakthar and Kelio to fight a vampiric force that has enslaved the world of Azeroth for 200 years, causing the land to become darkened and destroyed, and shortly become Azzindoth. Special appearances of old heroes include Dazdor, Ezzbirt, and Squashuux, (there may be other surprises as well....), flashbacks from untold WoWFC scenes will also show up.