An early set out of the many characters. (From left to right: Gennru,Shockti,Theft,Dagamer,Kelsisco,Snarku and Morzan's son)


Welcome! This is the number 1 site to catch all your favorite World of Warcraft FC adventures! Right before the cancelation in 2008 we got to talk with Figo and he told us all the missing questions that we got right here! So sit back and enjoy the story!Edit

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Site being updated again! Check out the burning crusade saga! On sale now!


Happy New Year everyone! After lots of arguments and debates, the WoWFC project will still go one, however it's on instant hiatus. Instead, an agreement between the WoWFCRev cast been made, and decided to continue the comic series of the original show! Frst series WoWFC That's right! Taking up right after issue 22, check it all out from the beggining! Newcomers it's not too late! The best part is, we'll have the instant scoop! Check out issue 23! Which will involve the return of Ansem! We'll let everyone know when it's out. This may not be the news you're looking for, but it's spanking great for the comic lovers! 


-You asked folks and boy did we listen! Ran Paul Ryan will be helping direct the brand new series! Set 2000 years into the future of WoWFC. Ran will be working along side with famous writer JayZee Williams, producer Brad Jenkins, as well as many others from the original story, to bring you: WOWFC: REVALATIONS . Check back here for more info!

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